The personal acquaintances of the Qatar Emir in Karya Lefkada

The personal acquaintances of the Qatar Emir in Karya Lefkada

62home Hamad bin Chalifa al Thani Emir of Qatar, found in Lefkada, arrives on our island for the third year. She has distinct and special relationships with Karya and her people. Karya was the reason for his current visit. Mavreta Arvanitis is a good friend of Emiris. Their acquaintance dates back to 2011 when he first saw him - not knowing who he was - to enter her store.

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The Mavreta store is located under Agios Spyridonas and specializes in authentic cassian embroidery, has great pieces of traditional art such as woven and embroidered embroidery, but also sells all kinds of folk art.


Emir in his first visit to the store was simple and receptive, he stayed longer than two hours there. A gentleman of his escort, informed Mrs. Arvaniti who is her visitor. He did not seem to be hurting, he remembers, as he showed her husband and his athletic facilities at the 2022 World Cup. She paid some gifts and shirts for him.

ΣSignhis pre-visit visit went up to the village with two of his children, his escort, and a Greek translator. He was dressed like in the previous times with a bermuda and a shirt - shirt and did not stand out from the other tourists. He bought some presents and drank in Karyas Square at the Karambouli tavern, the same food he always eats, roast lamb in the spit. Mavreta was the one who arranged the food. The roasted lamb was another reason for Emir's early visit to Karya since he always preferred the same menu.
He boarded a car from the city of Lefkada, as opposed to the previous times he was driving from Nydri and found the journey tedious. The human relationship created by Emir in Karya continues, of course, throughout the year, through contact through his Greek girlfriend and translators.

Mrs. Arvanitis, on the other hand, feels great joy for this important acquaintance she has gained unexpectedly, but she is a positive and landing person, does not "take the brains of the air" and knows how to put everything in its proper dimension.

We are particularly proud that Emir of Qatar Chamad bin Chalifa al Thani chose our store to buy authentic handmade Karsani handicrafts.



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11 October, 2015

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