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here you will find authentic traditional handmade Karsani handicrafts, as well as homeware, curtains, textiles and hotel equipment.

original handmade handmade

the Corsican stitch counts over a century of life, it is only found in Lefkada and is unique in the world, admiring here some of the most beautiful handmade handmade

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in our store you can find quality linen from a variety of Greek and European companies as well as import


hotel / professional equipment

find at our store a great variety of quality clothing items for the hotel or any other professional space at affordable prices


room set construction

we undertake the creation of complete sets for your space with fabrics of your choice

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dress the most beautiful moments of your life with the finest creations

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motif stamp

caramel embroidery

admire some handmade traditional sapphire craftsmanship and learn their history

lists of white goods

find quality linen at affordable prices, check out some of our catalogs on your computer



you can find in our store a large collection of curtains, here are some indicative motifs

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